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There is a lot to consider when choosing a dance school for your child. Here to help is the ultimate list that should answer why we could be “the one” for you:     

1.  We have split personality (in a good way)

Recreational and professionally oriented dance training for children and young adults. 

2.  A lot of choice and it is yours

A variety of styles of dance classes at any level. Even our Prep level (3-6/7 yo) students can learn up to 5 styles within their program, usually most that is offered for this level is 3. The benefit of learning more styles early on is that children build a strong foundation for future dance practice and enter the next level with enhanced set of skills for further dance practice giving them a lot of confidence and untimately joy from their dance practice. 

3.  You don’t have to leave

Our dance program starts from Prep level (3 – 6 yo) and goes up to Pre-Professional 2 level. If you were a serious dancer and decide to continue only as a hobby, you can take a turn to dance recreationally at any time and stay on for as long as you like! 

4.  We are unique

Why? Well, for one because we provide genuine, authentic Vaganova method of teaching classical ballet. It is so because Vaganova method is best learned at “the source”, i.e. in Russia, or at least from a teacher that is qualified in that method, and that is how our classical ballet teachers have learned it, direct.

5.  Handpicked

teaching staff (and pretty much all else). Our teachers go through quite a rigorous formal selection process. Even relief teachers are thoroughly checked before we let them work with our students. Our staff must have tertiary education, Blue Card working with children check, First Aid and CPR, prior experience, good reputation and just be caring, enthusiastic and fun loving, positive individuals.

6.  Own dance gear band

Our parents don't have to que up at the dance store as we offer the convenience of online dancewear store right at the studio. Place an order online, collect it next time your child has a class! Dance with us and get access to great, affordable dance gear with student discounts available. Our Dancewear store is also available to the public, click here to checkout our range.

7.  Location

is everything and we have a great spot! The studio is located in the heart of dynamic, funky Woolloongabba. Nice and close to a lot of primary and secondary schools, a short trip from the city, only a 5 minute walk from Woolloongabba Bus station (warm up before class? Check!), 2 minute drive to motorway entrance, an ample (and ever growing) variety of cafes, restaurants and shops... You get the picture.

8.  Proper

studios equipped for dance. Like they should be.

9.  Free*

trials, no obligation, any class, all year round. Simple. Convenient. Fair.

10.  No waste

Missed a class? Don’t worry, you can make up for it through another class, so the fees you pay are not wasted.

11.  It’s personal

Sometimes you just need that one on one time. Be it for dance exam or audition preparation, technique enhancement, solo routine preparation for competitions, or preparation for professional ballet schools, or just a one on one time with your favourite teacher, you can always book a private class.

12.  Challenge yourself

to an annual examination. Dancers are able to progress through clear study program and get qualified, expert feedback along the way. Again, we give you the freedom of choice. Students can undergo formal official examinations taken by highly qualified, reputable examiner. Or, less formal internal examination taken by a panel of our own teachers with the rest of the group, yet still get the benefit of feedback and recommendations for improvement.  

13.  Expertise

Dancers can be sure to always be able to reach out to us for help. Our staff are qualified experts in the field and are happy to discuss student’s progress, achievement, provide quality advice regarding examinations, auditions, competitions, career prospects, make recommendations regarding areas for improvement in technique and assist in preparation for professional ballet schools.

14.  Shine bright

Who doesn’t love the thrill of performing in front of a crowd on a big shiny stage? Not us! We never pass an opportunity to get our dancers on stage. All students can partake in the big end of the year show and there are also opportunities to perform during the year. A lot of our students have been a part of professional dance theatres, such as  Brisbane City Youth Ballet and Ballet Theatre of Queensland, for many years. We compete at local Eisteddfods and other competitions, and jump at every opportunity to perform at exciting events. For example at the celebration of the Bolshoi Ballet season at QPAC in 2013, Lord Mayor Cultural Fundraising event in 2009, Ekka and many others. We are able to provide our students with the opportunity to be undergo auditions, partake in competitions and events and provide tailored service of preparing our students for such wonderful performing experiences should the student wish to be engaged in any of these.

15.  Dream = POSSIBLE

This is for very serious dancers. If you’ve decided ballet = life and no matter what you must get into one of the best ballet schools in the world, then you’ve come to the right place. Russian ballet schools are a dream for any serious aspiring professional ballet dancer. But getting there is major mission (so worth it though). Not only one needs meticulous training in the Vaganova method, one also must overcome the language barrier (or at least somewhat) and demystify the application process. Think imPOSSIBLE? Yes, we can help with all that. We can even help you when you get there and your mother cannot reach you on the other side of the world because of time difference or because you are just too busy living your dream in stunning Vaganova Academy classrooms among other best of the best dancers and the only way to actually get a hold of you is through notorious, seemingly very strict, but actually really kind old lady who is like a grandmother to the whole course (you’ll know what we mean when you get there) at the student accommodation reception and who of course speaks zero English. True story. Or we could also help you when you arrive in thongs and shorts and its -30 C outside and your luggage is lost. Also true story.

16.  Most importantly...

The art of dance that we live and breathe in the walls of our studio has changed for the better and touched many lives in many different ways. People found lifelong friends, met the love of their life and later brought their children to dance with us, discovered their passion for dance and moved countries to follow their dreams, or got their confidence back, improved their fitness, posture and health, felt graceful, free and alive, and simply had a great time!

17. And lastly

To make it all even better, those a part of Team Maximo also get additional nice little perks, check them out here.

That's the kind of place that we are and so much more.
If we've ticked the majority of the boxes on you list, you are most welcome to:

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