To facilitate Maximum accessibility to and best experience with the art of dance and in the area of fitness for both children & adults. We strive to provide versatile learning Opportunities of uncompromising quality and Excellence for recreationally and professionally oriented dance students and to Motivate & Inspire our dance and fitness clients to Achieve their absolute personal best.



Our aim is to make the wonderful experience of freedom that dance gives accessible to everybody, regardless of age and current level of skills. Virtually everyone is able to find something suitable within the variety of dance & fitness classes that cater to all ages – from tiny cute infants to our respected seniors – and within a lot of styles to choose from.


We are thrilled to be able to give our clients the freedom to choose their path in the exciting world of dance. From early on one can take the option of enjoying dance purely for the fun of it and its health benefits and keep at it until adulthood. Our little clients will be well equipped after our unique Preparation for Dance program, which is the perfect basis for any future dance activities and is excellent for children’s physical development. Our students then have a choice (or why not do both?) of undertaking syllabi programs in a variety of dance styles or enjoy specialised fitness classes designed purely for fun and physical health of growing little bodies and minds. Big girls (and boys), i.e. grownups, can continue on to feel at home with us by attending fitness and dance classes for adults. No more longing for the thrill of dance after the dancing years are over. No such thing here, we dance on!


If dance becomes a passion, we do our best to guide our dancers through thorns of professional training to becoming bright new stars of the stage.  With uncompromising quality of our dance education, we aim for results and development of every one of our students’ talents and abilities. We use world renown authentic and traditional Russian School of ballet method - the Russian Vaganova method of teaching classical ballet. Teaching program is largely adapted to the Australian standards to equip our students to local expectations. All of our staff have a wealth of teaching, fitness, performing and industry experience with local and international knowledge of systems and practices. We believe in open communication and provide honest comprehensive advice on student’s potential and development. We provide safe, disciplined, productive learning environment and caring culture to enable achievement, confidence, results whilst instilling the love for the art of dance.


Maximo Dance Studio was founded in 2004 by its current director & principal choreographer Olga Lissovskaia. It is named in honour of one of the greatest Russian ballerinas of all time - Ekaterina MAXIMOva. "Dance is my life", Ekaterina once said, and so is ours, here at Maximo, a one of kind dance and fitness facility located right in the heart of Woolloongabba, Brisbane.



Maximo Dance Studio has over 35 years of history behind its present form. It was established in Brisbane by Olga Lissovskaia, its current Director & Principal Choreographer in 2004. It is a result of Olga’s long journey and history of teaching ballet. Olga operated her own studio in Russia for over 20 years, which still exists to this day. Her studio was recognised as one of the two of the best dance education organisations in the city and one of the best in the state. Students who wished to enrol in Olga’s studio had to go through an audition. Olga received wide recognition for her work, awards at local and state competitions and most importantly inspired her students to become professional dancers and dance teachers who continue to exhibit the results of her work to this day.


After moving to Australia Olga wanted to continue her passion of helping children realise their dreams at the art of dance. She had a vision of a dance education facility where Australian children aspiring to become professional dancers would have the opportunity to take advantage of learning ballet through authentic Russian Vaganova method. The program went through rigorous process of adaptation to Australian standards and expectations. Olga envisioned the studio to be the place to share the wealth of her knowledge and experience with future generations. Other teaching staff undergo profound selection process to match studio's high standards.


This is the unique method we use to teach ballet. Books have been written about it and yet more needs to be and will be written, but it is not our aim here. We will be brief and just say that it is an extraordinary and scientifically proven method. One cannot mistaken a dancer of Vaganova method training. They stand out from the crowd by their unparalleled poetic spirituality, exceptional harmonious plasticity of movement, and at the same time the “iron” aplomb of the body, with their overall nobility and excellence of technical and performing skills.


We are the only dance school in Brisbane that offers authentic teaching in this famous method. It is an internationally renowned progressive training program that has produced some of the best dancers in the world. Our study program is an international version of Vaganova System, which has been carefully tailored to local Australian practices.