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Every day is like a dance party for us. After all, fun is what dance is all about. But occasionally, we like to throw on something special. See what's on below and join the fun!


Summer School 2023 - Insta square.png

JANUARY 16-20, 2023 

Five day Summer Dance School - fun filled program designed to give participants the opportunity to practice Ballet and take Body Conditioning classes daily, as well as explore many other dance styles. 

Keep the children active during holidays with an in-depth learning experience for students who love dancing. Get creative, have fun, stay active, away from the screens and make new friends!  


For Students from 7 to 10 years of age, external students most welcome!

Open Day 2023.png

21st of JANUARY, 2023 

We are opening our doors to every new little dancer interested in taking up dance as a wonderful, confidence building extracurricular activity  in 2023.


Come and try all our classes in 1 day absolutely FREE! And if you enrol by 5 pm on Sunday, 22nd of January after attending our Open Day you'll get 1 MONTH OF FREE CLASSES!*

*T&Cs apply

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