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Here's why!

There is a lot to consider when choosing a dance school for your child. So we've created the ultimate list that explains why we are "the one” for you!

1.  So much choice!

We offer a variety of styles here at Maximo Dance Studio. From classical ballet to jazz, lyrical, contemporary and hip hop - you are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing which dance classes to enroll in! The benefit of learning a variety of styles early on is that children are able to build a strong foundation for future dance practice and enter the next level with enhanced set of skills. It's a great way to broaden their horizons, give them confidence and allow them to have fun!

2. Try our studio for free!

All new students are welcome to try Maximo Dance Studio in our 1 week trial! Better still, if you decide to enroll, the trial fee is completely waived! So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to try any class, all year round! 

3.  We cater to every age and level

Our dance program starts from Prep level (3 – 6 yo) and goes up to Pre-Professional 2 level. If you decide to continue only as a hobby, you are welcome to dance recreationally at any time and stay on for as long as you like! 

4.  The only studio with the Vaganova Method

The Vaganova method is the best teaching method for classical ballet. It produces some of the best dancers in the world, yet we are the only studio to teach it here in Brisbane. Why? Beacuse the Vaganova method is best learned at “the source”, i.e. in Russia, or at least from a teacher that is qualified in that method, and that is how our classical ballet teachers have learned it, direct.

5.  Industry leading teachers

Our knowledgeable and experienced teachers give our Maximo students the best possible start to their dance careers. With a genuine passion for performance and a high level of care, your children are in the best possible hands here at Maximo Dance Studio.

6.  Affordable dance gear available

Our dancers get access to high quality, affordable dance gear with student discounts available directly from the studio (no need to hunt around dance stores in peak concert time!).We’re always on the lookout for the best manufacturers of dance shoes and accessories to make our products and we're growing our range to become a one-stop-shop for our students.

7.  Central location

The studio is located in the heart of funky Woolloongabba. Nice and close to a lot of primary and secondary schools, a short trip from the city, and only a 10-minute walk from Woolloongabba Bus station (warm up before class? Check!). We're also nice and close to cafes, restaurants and shops - for when you need a snack or a decent cup of coffee!

8.  Make up classes

Missed a class? Don’t worry, you can make up for it through another class so the fees you pay are not wasted.

9. Holiday programs 

Dancers have the opportunity to continue dancing by signing up for Summer & Winter holiday workshops. Intensive daily classes for students who want to boost their regular training and realise their full potential.

10. Private lessons

Sometimes you just need that one-on-one time. Be it for a dance exam or audition preparation, technique improvement, solo routine practice for competitions, or preparation for professional ballet schools, you can always book a private class with your favourite teacher. 

11. Opportunity to sit exams

Dancers are able to progress through their dance study programs and get expert feedback along the way. Students can undergo formal examinations run by highly qualified, reputable examiners. Or they can choose an internal examination taken by a panel of our own teachers here at our studio. We give students the freedom of choice, allowing them to benefit from feedback along the way.

12.  Performing opportunities

Who doesn’t love the thrill of performing on stage? Not us! All students participate in the end of the year show, and there are also opportunities to perform during the year! Many students have been a part of professional productions with the Brisbane City Youth Ballet and Ballet Theatre of Queensland. We also compete at local Eisteddfods and other competitions and jump at any opportunity to perform exciting events. 

13.  Pursue your dreams!

For dancers who aspire to grace international stages and study abroad, we will help you. Getting accepted into a Russian ballet school is a dream for aspiring professional ballet dancers. But getting there can be difficult. Through our extensive training, industry connections and firsthand experience, there is no limit to what you can achieve with Maximo.

14.  Make friends that become family

The friends you make here at Maximo last a lifetime. Experience the difference a family atmosphere can make to your child, giving them the confidence to dream and achieve in a nurturing environment surrounded by their best friends.

BONUS REASON: Those who are a part of Team Maximo also get additional little perks, check them out here!

That's the kind of place that we are & much more.
If we've ticked the majority of the boxes on your list, you are most welcome to:

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