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Many of Maximo’s students have gone on to grace the world stage in professional productions, or like our Principal Choreographer, Olga – become inspirational teachers and choreographers. Regardless of their career choices, our most successful students have taken their passion for the arts with them as they’ve continued their dance journeys.

1 Ekaterina Barasheva.png

Ekaterina Barasheva

Ekaterina has an extraordinary story that proves that with determination, desire and passion, anything can be achieved!


Ekaterina started dancing at Ms Olga’s studio when she was six years old. At the age of 8, due to family circumstances, Ekaterina had to quit her ballet practice. But her desire to dance remained, and she returned back to Ms Olga at first opportunity when she was 13 years old. It was in her early teens that Ekaterina realised that ballet was the love of her life and that she wanted to make it her career. She decided that she wasn’t going to let her age or lack of continuous practice stop her from achieving her dreams. By the age of 17 she made a firm decision to become a professional ballerina. Now in the ballet world, deciding to pursue a professional ballet career at 17 is considered by many to be unrealistic. For most ballet students, this decision is made at the age of 10, where significant training and examinations begin. But Ekaterina was determined; and together with Ms Olga’s exceptional training, she became the one in a million to break this standard and achieve beyond her wildest dreams.


Qualifications and Achievements:  

  • Former professional ballet dancer at the Theatre of Opera and Ballet at the St Petersburg’s State Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatorium and the Krasnoyarsk Theatre of Opera & Ballet

  • Completed the course, ‘Professional Instruction’ at the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet in St Petersburg, Russia.

Tatiana Tsiganova

Ms Olga discovered Tatiana by chance at the age of 4 and immediately noticed her talent. She invited Tatiana to Maximo Dance Studio where she proved to be a truly gifted dancer. Ms Olga had no doubt that Tatiana would live a life entwined with professional dance, as in her opinion, she was born for the stage.


Qualifications and Achievements:  

  • Lead performing artist/dancer at The Moscow State Circus.

  • Seasonal lead performing artist/dancer at the Dream Cast Entertainment, USA

  • Lead performing artist/dancer at numerous TV shows including 3 years contact with the Big Difference show

  • Lead performing artist in dance troupes for various pop singers.

  • Completed Diploma of Choreography at the State College of the Arts and a Bachelor degree at the Dance Faculty of the Moscow State Art and Cultural University

2 Tanya Siganova ed.jpg
3 Irina Kalyanova.jpg

Irina Kalyanova

Irina's parents brought her to Ms Olga's studio when Irina was 9 years old. In the ballet world, this is considered quite late as most students start at the age of 4 or 5. Irina's parents convinced Ms Olga at the audition to include Irina in a group of girls who were already into their 5th year of the Maximo dance program… And Irina did not disappoint! She proved to be the most passionate student who was eager to learn absolutely everything there is to know about dance. To this day, Irina is the most motivated, hardworking student Ms Olga has ever taught. She soon became Ms Olga's 1st assistant, and that's when Ms Olga knew Irina was destined to follow her steps and become a world class choreographer and dance teacher.


Qualifications and Achievements:  

  • Former professional dancer at the National Ballet Spain

  • Former professional dancer at the Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard

  • Qualified practicing choreographer & principal of her own studio in Moscow, Russia.

  • Director of choreography at the Academy of Children's Musical

  • Completed Diploma of Choreography at the State College of the Arts & Bachelor of Choreographic Art at the Moscow State Academic Theatre of Dance "Gzhel"

Sofia Makaroff

Sofia is a gifted Maximo student who’s talent has seen her travel the world. She is proof that hard work and determination can lead to a colourful and exciting career.


Qualifications and Achievements:  

  • ​Graduated from the Queensland Ballet Academy (then Queensland Dance School of Excellence) Full time Senior Program in 2012

  • Completed Brent Street for Jason Winters Contemporary Course

  • Full time professional dancer, including at Expressions Dance Company in “Romeo & Juliet”, Sydney Dance Company with Rafael Bonachela in Kaldor Art Project in “13 Rooms”, and at Universal Studios, Japan in “Wizarding World of Harry Potter”

IMG_0755ed - Lucas.png

Lukas Brinnan

Lukas has followed his dance career overseas where he studied with some of the very best. Taking the principles learned from Ms Olga here at Maximo, he continued to learn and grow as a dancer in prestigious schools in both Moscow and Sweden.


Qualifications and Achievements:  

  • Lukas taught at the studio under the Professional Coaching in preparation for audition and later continued his studies at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy, Moscow, Russia and later studied at the Royal Swedish Ballet School, in Stockholm, Sweden.

Other notable past students:

Natalia Naumov - taught by Ms Olga in Russia – qualified choreographer

Liudmilla Galkin - taught by Ms Olga in Russia – qualified choreographer

Galina Chudakova - taught by Ms Olga in Russia – qualified choreographer

Galina Gladkova - taught by Ms Olga in Russia – qualified choreographer

Natalia Belyaev - taught by Ms Olga in Russia – professional performing artist

Anna Arsentiev - taught by Ms Olga in Russia – professional performing artist

Anna Safina - taught by Ms Olga in Russia – performing artist, qualified choreographer, Poland

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